A unique approach to retail stock clearance

Partnering with retailers and insolvency practitioners, ERS is a leading practitioner of store closure and stock clearance programmes across Europe.

With a team of highly experienced retail operators, we differentiate ourselves not only by what we do, but the way that we operate. Our values are important to us – we commit to doing the right thing by our clients and partners, protecting a retailer’s brand and reputation and treating staff appropriately in what can be sensitive situations.

Our approach to store closures and stock clearance is tailored, flexible and delivers the following benefits:

Maximised financial returns

ERS’ depth and breadth of experience gives us an unrivalled understanding of recoveries and trading strategies in closure and stock clearance situations, enabling us to generate superior returns.

A highly analytical approach further drives recoveries.  Indivdiual SKUs are tracked on a daily basis,  discount levels are optimised by a dynamic pricing tool, inventory is managed at a detail level, and advertising plans are aligned closely to discount changes.

Risk free

Flexible fee structures encourage over performance against targets and a ‘guaranteed’ recovery value de-risks the engagement for the client.

Protected brand

In the case of a continuing business, the brand is treated sensitively, with no lasting impact from the clearance trading period. Customers are also migrated to the continuing business.

Upside from additional revenue opportunities

Third party stock can be acquired by ERS, generating incremental sales and margin, and improving the range mix to drive the highest recoveries. 

Engaged personnel

Store staff are always treated with empathy and sensitivity.  Appropriate incentive systems and responsive feedback systems help to keep them engaged and empowered.

Retained focus on the core

Disruption is minimised - management is able to retain focus and direct resources to the continuing business.

ERS’ depth and breadth of experience gives us an unrivalled understanding of recoveries and trading strategies, enabling us to generate superior returns.